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Our Yoga Instructors

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson lives and teaches in Dallas, Texas, where she is the owner of Eastside Karmany and co-owner of Twist Power Yoga. A former music educator, Amy teaches flowing, yet powerful classes infused with the rhythm and grace of her music and movement days. Her classes create a sense of community and connection where students can grow and explore without fear or judgment. Amy has taught yoga for 16 years and combined with her prior career, she has almost 25 years of professional educational experience. Although her most recent teacher has been Shiva Rea, she loves to draw from all those that have inspired her.

Jayme Bushmiaer

Jayme began practicing yoga and meditation in 2000 after the loss of her parents; her mother in 1996 and father in 1999 both from cancer. It was a slow process of dabbling with the practice on and off until 2002 when she met her teachers and found a space to dive deep. However, her only goal then was to lose weight, but the mental and emotional support she found far surpassed losing a few pounds. In 2005 she completed her teacher training certification through American Power Yoga and realized her dharma is to share the tools of yoga that guided her through the grieving process thus finding joy and purpose again. Since then her studies have been and continue to be broad, covering martial arts (she’s 4th level in the Lightening Fire Mountain Tibetan Kung Fu System), tai chi, meditation, energy work, ayurvedic studies and anatomy. As a teacher she has accumulated over 10,000 teaching hours through group classes, private lessons, workshops, and teacher trainings.

Julie Wright

Julie started her career in Health & Wellness in 1990, personal training and teaching a variety of group exercise classes. She took her first yoga class in 1998 and something sparked in her. After a year of practice she began teaching. A few more years of practice and studies and she knew somehow this was her path. She dove deep into the teachings.

Julie has trained under many of the great yoga masters. Over years of study she continues her training and certifications with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, as his lineage honors the ancient teachings of yoga. She is grateful and blessed to also study The Luminous Soul teachings with Manorama.

Julie teaches from the ancient wisdom and weaves these messages into the practices that apply to daily life. She walks solid in her truth and guides students to use their practice to connect with their divine self; to embrace their authenticity and walk this path, making their own unique footprints along the way. Julie is often unapologetically bold in her offerings but keeps it fun – as it is practice, not perfect.

The practice of yoga, the dedication through the dark times as well as the joyous ones, has literally saved Julie’s life. She still walks this earth for a reason, and she believes with all her heart it is to share this beautiful practice and carry the message of these precious teachings.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” 
~ Ram Dass

Laura Beth Lopez

Laura Beth began toying with yoga about 6 years ago, and actually remembers leaving and thinking “what is this magic?!” Fast forward several years, and like many, through a broken heart, broken life, yoga became her mainstay and quickly turned from a sweaty workout into a daily practice of the mind, body and soul. She has now been teaching yoga since 2015, and can’t believe that she is truly living the dream. Her education background stems from a Bachelor’s in Education and Spanish language, and a Master’s degree in Counseling.

“It’s amazing to me how all of these things have slowly wound together to create this life, and I am eternally grateful. I get to offer private, public, corporate and bilingual yoga classes to the people in my community. I hope to see you on the mat soon, and remember, the day you least want to show up, is the day you need it the most.”

Nina McDonald

Nina was living in LA when first introduced to yoga in 2010. At the time travel was her favorite form of movement, with every 9 months finding herself in a new city or different country. In 2015 she decided to move to Dallas and set some roots down. This is when her love for yoga started to grow. Wanting a way to continue to move the energies in her life without having to change location, yoga was perfect.

She developed an at home practice and started to understand the healing powers yoga had to offer. From here Nina wanted to know more.

She received her RYT 200 in Baptiste Vinyasa. The stability and strength this style provided propelled her to grow further into her practice. She took courses for anatomy and yoga alignment as well as attended all the workshops she could. She believes in continual education as it provides for continual growth.

Nina is a passionate teacher, focusing on breath and alignment. She loves helping others find their balance, strength and flexibility both on and off the mat.

Danny Nguyen

Several years ago, needing to get back in shape, Danny was prodded into a yoga class at the gym. Little did he know it would be the beginning of a whole new chapter of his life. He found this yoga class to be the best workout he’d ever had, increasing strength as well as flexibility— a key balance that he’d never before achieved— and the results were remarkable. It didn’t take long to get hooked as his body went through a transformation, and eventually his mind followed suit. He found a little more clarity and calm amidst a stressful job in advertising. Sticking with it, eventually his practice went from a workout to becoming an integral part of his life.

In 2016 Danny completed his 200-hour training with Amy Johnson and Jayme Bushmiaer-Davis at Karmany Yoga and has been teaching vinyasa flow ever since. He is now happy to have become that complete yoga cliche: having this amazing practice transform his life and sharing with others how it could transform theirs.

Jenny Foster

Jenny Foster started her yoga practice at the age of 14, biking to and from studios to get in a consistent practice. She was attracted by the empowerment of the recent yoga movement and loved heated, powerful classes as a creative outlet, especially in the tender years of adolescence. After turning 19, she deepened her practice to new lengths through the Karmany 200HR YTT.

Since finishing her training, she teaches private lessons and guest teaches at studios all throughout Texas. She volunteers on a weekly basis as a yoga instructor at local women’s shelters and fund raises through charity yoga classes for the nonprofit she founded, Battered and Beautiful. As an aspiring doctor, she combines elements of anatomy and scientific understanding to her yoga classes all while teaching heated, balanced sequences.

When not in the studio, she is studying Biochemistry and Sociology as well as assistant teaching Calculus and Biology at UT Dallas. As a teacher in many spaces, she encourages her students to breath first and think second and to always keep their awareness in the present moment.

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