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Contributions & Packages

We understand that life is rarely predictable and this is why we will always offer our students an opportunity to simply make a contribution to attend class. Meaning no set fees, cancellation or sign up fees. Contribute what’s in your budget, that’s it. This method is built on trust that you understand and respect the skill, training and time of the teacher as well as the overhead of the studio. We know schedule, job, and financial changes can and will occur, and during these challenging times is when we need yoga the most. We want to give you a place to go. The most beautiful part about this method is that those that can contribute more do, and it all ends up evening out!

Drop-In Contribution

We value our classes at $20 which is the standard drop in rate around town. Drop-ins are best if you attend 1-2 x a month. It’s perfectly acceptable to scale down your contribution based on how many times a week you attend. All contributions must be made in person at the studio.

Class Packages

If you would like to make Eastside Karmany your yoga home, we have some basic packages available for your convenience. All class packages can be purchased at the studio.

If you attend about once a week we suggest you try one of our multi-class packs:

  • 10 pack – $150. (expires in 3 months)
  • 20 pack – $270. (expires in 6 months)

If you attend 3 times a week or more, we suggest you contact us to learn about our extended packs, which offer more discounts and come with additional perks.

Get the WellnessLiving Achieve App

Eastside Karmany uses WellnessLiving for class scheduling and purchasing. The fastest way to check-in and skip the line is to use the WellnessLiving Achieve App on your phone. The app makes it easy to book your classes, buy class packages and manage your account.

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